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A Laughter Yoga workshop gives us a chance to reconnect with our own laughter. Be prepared to give yourself permission to have fun and be playful. The laughter initiated as an exercise in a group soon turns to real and contagious laughter. Every workshop is different with varied exercises and different group sizes.

In a workshop, we do Laughter Yoga exercises together. These are varied and involve acting out daily activities using laughter as the language of communication rather than words. In between laughter exercises, we will use deep breathing to oxygen our brain and body. We finish a workshop with a guided meditation.

It is also a great activity for team bonding, business away-day activities, or as a treat for a birthday or hen party. Contact us and discuss your requirements so that we can plan a bespoke workshop for your company/group.

Come along and discover the benefits of Laughter Yoga for yourself. You can feel the benefits in the very first session, and will come out feeling healthier and more energetic. Attend regularly for accrued cumulative positive effects.
You’ll get to meet like-minded people and have some fun.

Sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic

Join us on Zoom every Monday at 1pm (British Summer Time) for up to 40 minutes of Laughter Yoga. To buy your ticket go to PayPal at
A session costs £5 per person. However, should the current pandemic have badly affected anyone’s finances they are welcome to simply make a donation, whatever they can afford.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay by bank transfer. For details, contact Muriel on

Email us once you have made your payment, we will send you the log-in details.

No need for any equipment, just bring yourself and your willingness to laugh, as well as some water (laughter is thirsty work!). Wear something comfortable.
Open to all ages (children to be accompanied by one responsible adult).

For questions contact Muriel on 0776644 3513 or

If you are looking for bespoke sessions, whether on Zoom or face to face, get in touch to discuss your needs.