About Us

Hi! I am Muriel and seriously, I laugh for a living; I also live for laughing, for joy and harmony but yes, you read it well, I laugh for a living!

I discovered Laughter Yoga in the saddest year of my life. Joy and happiness had been sucked out of me after losing three amazing and wonderful members of my family in just a few months and I was spiralling down into depression.

The day I discovered Laughter Yoga, I felt huge relief from the agony that had enveloped my body and soul. I do not mean to be gloomy readers, apologies – but the release for me was so powerful that I instantly decided that I wanted to explore Laughter Yoga. I went on to train as a Laughter Yoga Leader and now run sessions like the one that had helped me come out of my emotional nightmare.

Today, I invite all of you to join me in fun and laughter. I run Zoom sessions or bespoke face to face sessions (well-being, birthday or hen parties, etc.). Get in touch and let’s discuss your needs and availability.

Join the Laughter Yoga Cambridge group. During our sessions, you are going to experience the incredible benefits of breathing, oxygenating brain and body and the joy of sharing moments of great laughter. The cumulative effects of regular deep laughter transform your well-being. The guided techniques and exercises can help you relax, feel good and happy (hopefully very happy), reduce stress levels, make you more creative and resilient, raise your pain threshold, and you will see, laughter is a very contagious phenomenon.

Laughter is, of course, a very sociable activity. Laughter Yoga is also a great offering for businesses for their team building activities and to actively improve their staff well-being.

If you do not feel like laughing in life, I will understand, I have been there, got the T-shirt. My suggestion to you is to just give it a go, and enjoy the adventure with us.

I so look forward to meeting you and laughing with you!

With HUGE amounts of joy and passion,